About Us

Eamal solutions International Manpower is a professional employment agency unique in comparison to other recruitment & employment agencies. We provide a level of specialist services to an assorted echelon of businesses while achieving an industry leading retention rate of placements.

Our experience in selecting and supplying Drivers, Fire Fighters, cleaners, security, waiters and waitress X-ray and Lab Technicians etc. of the highest caliber to some of our major clients to their supreme satisfaction has been a milestone in our portfolio. The value placed on our clients inevitably rewards us with a customer base.



Integrity; Honesty, uprightness
Loyalty;  being faithful to one’s promises, responsibilities or undertakings
Honesty;quality of being ‘honest’ (adj. honorable in principles, intentions and actions)truthfulness or sincerity
Trust; reliance on the honesty of a person, or on some other quality;confidence confident expectation of something;hope responsibility required of someone whom confidence or authority is placed state of being relied or depended on


It is our mission to support our clients through their current and future business challenges. Our activities, aimed at finding a balance in the labor market serve to give our clients significance, which will support their business development via the growth of employment or improvement in the quality of their human resources. 




  • Vision

We understand recruitment as a mission, with the individual as the most important element in the process. This is why we created a team that is fully committed to generate just such a vision for the common good. We believe that caring about the development and supremacy of a customer serves to expand one’s enterprise. We recognize success as client satisfaction and long-term cooperation.

Message from MD

Eamal solutions Manpower provides professionally qualified Human Resources and HR Consultancy services that fabricate organizations towards positive development. We endeavor to sustain reliability and trust focusing on new horizons.

Our company coalesce modern information technology in communication, managerial skills and innovative ideas to revitalize the lives of the people in business. We continue to seek new opportunities for growth with focus on management strategies.

We strive to attain success in ways that reflect integrity of our company universally. When selecting a human resource supply company, it is crucial that you choose one that places equal significance to the success of your business.  We encourage clients to explore our portfolio of businesses and credentials created then and now. You will find Eamal solutions a sturdy entrepreneurship in the forefront.

We take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our staff, our valued clients and job seekers for their trust and confidence retained in our company. We would like to accommodate our valued customers at Eamal solutions International Manpower to share the expertise we generate in the   recruitment field. We are proud to state that we have made our presence felt in the staffing field in Doha Qatar and GCC countries.


Thanking you,

Josphat Githui Wachira (Director)

Facts About Eamal Solutions

Our Values

  • Personal Service
  • Care and Attention to Detail
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Relationship Building
  • Reliability and Flexibility
  • Confidentiality
  • Responsible service

What you can Expect from Us

  • Proven innovation recruitment solutions
  • On-going research and development on all matters pertaining to workplace legalization
  • Preparation and supply of an effective and continually updated operational manual
  • Assistance with all aspects of daily operations from an experienced Consultants/Support Team
  • Fully administration and back office support
  • Supplying permanent and temporary staff
  • Consultancy services for business development
  • Provision of corporate interview and conference room

Assistance with recruiting efforts and recruitment project management

Filterable Job Listings

The jobs shortcode outputs your jobs in list format, proceeded by a search and filter form. This form is ajax powered so results are shown instantly. Filter by category, job type, keywords and location.

Searches also display an RSS link which allow job seekers to subscribe a feed containing new jobs matching their search.

Frontend Job Submission

Allow employers to list jobs on your site from the frontend. The forms allow employers to input job details, including job description and location, and also add details about their company.

Each listing can be assigned an email address or a website which job seekers can use to apply to the job.

Employers can preview their listing before it goes live. The preview matches the appearance of a live job listing. After preview, the employer can submit the listing (for approval) or edit it further.

Single job listings

Single job listings show the job description, meta data, and company information in a clean format. The location can link through to a google map, and the company box can show the company tagline, twitter and website link.

An apply button is shown beneath the listing and can be pressed to reveal either the application email address or website URL.

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